Monday, July 6, 2015

Some thoughts on Doing Stuff

Do Stuff.

In my first exploration of this idea as a life experiment (and it led to a successful self employed career), the basic idea was an equation

IF you do stuff, THEN things happen.

It took me a while to simplify it down that way. I needed to make money doing something. It almost didn’t matter what, except it needed to be self directed. What I figured out is that if I did stuff every day, then eventually I would get money for it.

It almost doesn’t matter what I’m doing. It was pretty easy for me as I was making generally useful tools, but at a “artist” level. I wasn’t even particularly good when I started, but that improved through the magic of doing. But durable goods aren’t the only choice. I can become an addicted walker, and start a walking club with secret routes through my city. I can make maps of the best walks and places to stop. I could do origami napkin holders for weddings and caterers. Insider cafe guides (every non-chain cafe has a secret menu or a particular individuality you can tell people about). Almost anything will work, but it’s a good idea to at least tie the Doing to your needs (at that time I needed to make money.)

But my goal wasn’t actually the making of money. I had a lifelong desire to be a successful artist craftsman in a particular field. That identity was the goal. Making money was a necessary requirement. At the same time, it was also an almost unavoidable side effect of the type of Doing Stuff that produces tangible things.

Different things may happen. It isn't just about money, ever. Even if you really have a big goal of that aspect (which is fine), be open to the other effects. And there will be a lot of effects!

And that's the magic formula.

Do Stuff and Things Happen

What are you going to do today?

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