Monday, July 6, 2015

Practical Application

The personal development field has a lot of topics and suggestions. Far too often they are lacking in simple, practical, doable steps. It's easy to say "you can develop self acceptance by getting rid of guilt."

Great. Now, tell me how to do that. Step by step instructions. Some exercise to do. Something as simple as these steps:

Whenever you blame yourself for something, stop. 

Write down the blame, then rewrite it without blame, in terms of acceptance. 

If you need to fix something, then write down the idea or plan of fixing it as a positive possibility.


The only way to start to develop a habit of acceptance instead of blame to reduce guilt is to do it, so do it. Even more, the only way to get rid of guilt is to figure out how to get rid of guilt. This is one way, a simple start.

The field needs more of this. Which is one of the main reasons I am doing the Coffee Shop PErsonal Development project.

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